Europe wild camping with motorhome

Europe wild camping with motorhome

Many people use wild camping to end the day on a long journey. Camping in the wild is a dream of the adventurers. This allows you to experience nature very well. Most of the travelers love to camp at Europe. Because there can get very amazing and romantic wild camping experience. If you choose Europe wild camping with motorhome that give your life time amazing memory. 

Camping with a motorhome has many benefits, such as adding more cargo to the trip, exploring more and also there is some unavoidable causes. Like protecting against weather problems and environmental problems. If you choose Europe wild camping with motorhome that give your life time amazing memory. Wild camps also allow you to see the various changes taking place in the environment. So, we recommend you to camp in the wild with a motorhome. We let’s talk about what to avoid and where to go. 

Put the environment first 

 Many peoples go to the wild camps and experience the beauty of the place. So, you have to choose a beautiful environment to experience this very well. You should try to protect the place from the moment it is found. Be Eco-friendly. Leave only your footprints and come back. Do not make too much noise and disturb its inhabitants and creatures. Try to control it, especially at night. 

 Finish your quest and try to find a camping spot to only eat and sleep. And then take everything the next day move on with your trip. Always don’t try to stay longer than night. Then you can avoid accidents. In many European and UK countries you will not be bothered as long as you respect the areas you choose and its people. 

Is your motorhome ready for wild camp? 

 This should be managed in accordance with the nature of your camping. Before going to camp, you should first make sure that the motorhome is in good condition. That is, we talk about some of the things we recommend for this. 

  • Always check that the solar panels are working properly. This is an important point. 
  • Be sure to carry a few good-capacity batteries. Useful in case of an emergency. 
  • Carry water for travel, especially for drinks and cooking. Manage it separately. Make a place to pack it.  
  • Avoid carrying harmful, dangerous items in the motorhome.  
  • Pay special attention to the wheels. 

Check the rules of the place of choice 

 Before camping, you should find out if the area you have chosen is a suitable location and if it is permitted. There are a number of websites on the internet that show where camping is permitted in European countries. So, you can get all the information there. If you can’t find a place to camp at night, at least you can find a place to park your motorhome. We recommend that you check the area’s rules and find a parking spot with some permission. If you can park in public parking lots you will have no trouble. If you still can’t find it, can park it in a supermarket or night club with the permission of the owners. Because they are open all night. Night stop has a new trend recently. So, you can try it too. 

Wild Camping With Motorhome

Best European destination 


Although there are some rules here, their tour board advises how to run its legally wild camp. It can also be easily found on internet. Be careful not to harm anyone or the environment. Many home owners support you journey. If you stay many nights, get permission from them. There are times when natural disasters occur. Be careful at such time period. 


Camping here can be a bit difficulty. Slightly more rules. If you make a mistake you will even get a fine. But the beauty of nature is very high. Be law-abiding, then no trouble happens. You are allowed to camp only 100 meters from the sea. Camping in private property, national and nature parks, and military zones is prohibited. Always tent according to the size of the members. It is appropriate that everyone is always together here. 


Wild camping is fully permitted here. But there are different rules. So do a self-study of the area you choose to go to. Or get help from its travel agencies. Do not harm their historical places. Do not use private property. But the beauty of it is that you can gain a lot of experience. 


Camping is easier here, and the rules are a bit more relaxed. But private property is not use allowed. They are marked. So do not stay in such places. Most of the villages are secluded and easy to visit. If safe property is used, it can be used for a certain period of time with some permission.  


Finland is a good country for camping in wild. Although there are some differences, it is similar to rules in most countries. Always act in a way that does not harm its inhabitants and animals. It is prohibited to burn the flames without permission. But you can cook in the oven. And you can also use a grill. They set fire laws because of the risk of them spreading to the surrounding environment. 

Europe wild camping countries

Properly plan ahead 

Always make sure to go without problems on the go. It is important to plan ahead when going to the wild camp with motorhome. Keep in mind that there are always options as motorhome travel is very attractive and can go anywhere. Always choose an area and study its trajectory. Find out where to go along the way. Search some more beautiful places along the way. Keep an eye out if you and the motorhome are safe there. Always use a phone for security. Avoid carrying expensive items. Then you can travel freely and safely. 

Usually a European trip costs a lot more. But compared to other countries, Europe has a better preparation for motorhome, so it is easier for you to camp with motorhome. Campgrounds are not very difficult to find. Most accommodation does not cost. You can easily travel to many parts of the European continent without paying. 

Follow the instructions below to experience a good motorhome wild camp 

  • Always park in a place where the motorhome feels safe. If in doubt, get out of there and continue the journey. 
  • Handle the items you need for the trip according to a plan so that you do not miss them. 
  • If there are more valuable items, be careful when displaying them outside. They are likely to be stolen. 
  • Beware of people who can mislead you. If anything, suspicious happens, call the tourist police. 
  • Check your surroundings as soon as you reach the camping area. Some places may have warning signals. 
  • Do not dispose of any waste. Bring everything back. If you make a mistake you will even get fined. 

Here are some common problems with wild camping

  • If you camp for several nights, carry bins or bags to dispose of the garbage. 
  • If you do not have water, consider how to get water from the area. 
  • Carry the necessary material when using the toilet. 
  • Keep the first aid for emergency use. 
  • Pay attention to all of the above, or you may get in inconvenience while journey. 

Pack properly 

Proper packaging is essential when visiting a wild camp. Particular attention should be given to food and clothing. Many of these problems can be solved by going with a motorhome. Because more and more materials can be stored in motorhome. This should be determined by the number of members joining the journey. Carry as much food and water as you need. Food and water may be scarce in some destinations. 

If you have a chronic illness, remember to take the extra medication to you. And also carry emergency medicine. Keep with you first aid kit, and protect it from water. Headache, vomiting, allergies, small wounds etc. keep medicine there. Avoid traveling if you have an infectious disease. 

The right kind of package can also be used as your sleeping pillow. Options can be used to prevent unnecessary space allocation. For example, if the same items are in a most packages, it can be put in the same package. Be careful not to pack with liquid. Packaging is a key part of your journey. 

smart package ready for the camp

Safety First 

No matter the destination or the country, think about your safety first. Always stay away from things that can be dangerous. Enjoy your freedom to the fullest. It is easier to protect yourself when you respect the rules. 

Make a note of the mobile phone numbers required for security. Keep an extra cell phone. Not all destinations have telephone signals. So inform someone close to you before travelling ti that area. 

Find out about road tolls 

 If you are traveling in Europe you will have to pay road fare in some areas. It depends on your destination. It you want to fast your journey; you can pay more and use the expressway. It will make it easier for you to travel. Your payment will never be wasted. Some countries use a password for payments, some others use a receipt. In some countries you may have to pay using an automated credit card machine or a manned booth. Take, for example, Italy, Croatia and Poland. Road fares are expensive in countries like Sweden and Denmark. So, make sure you choose the right path. 

Legally status of European wild camps 

 Many European countries encourage for wild camping. But this can vary completely or partially from country to country. Some countries allow this within certain limits. Some countries have banned wild camps altogether. However, in many countries this can be obtained with some permission. Some countries even impose a fine for sleeping in a vehicle. We therefore recommend that you plan your trip and look into the rules of the country or region you are going to. 

Be aware of the risk 

 Always remember that camping everywhere is not easy. In some countries, wild camps are illegal this may have been done for the purpose of making money from tourists. Therefore, beware of fraudulent people. Be sure to check the condition before camping. It can be an unauthorized property. Even if you make a mistake unknowingly, you can be punished. So be careful. Take special care of your children. Allow them to be enjoy but always give them your attention. This is because there may be hidden danger points in those areas. Europe wild camping with motorhome more safe either wild camping using tents.  

Advantages of motorhome parking special places 

These parking lots are especially reserved for motorhomes. Tents are not allowed here. Only for motorhome camps. There are many specialized services here. These services can be used for a very low price. It will make your journey easier. You will also be able to spend an amazing night. They require any payment methods here. Most of the time you can get special discount especially when using credit cards. As a good stopover, we recommend you Womoplatz in Germany. 

Motorhome Parking

What are you do not avoid at the Europe wild camping with motorhome 

  • Respect the laws of that country. Never break them. 
  • All the time respect to the natives. 
  • Keep the surroundings clean at all times. 
  • Do not be violent. 
  • Don’t throws away the waste. Bring it back. 
  • Always don’t disturb wild animals and there wild life. 
  • Most important point is if you have illness or some virus infection (fever, cough) DON’T go here and there. Contact the medical service soon as possible. 

Those are the most valuable and important point that you travel with motorhome. We think you can get great and good idea travel with motorhome at Europe. This article provide you most information about Europe wild camping with motorhome. If there any questions about this article you can comment us. And also comment your valuable ideas. Stay safe.  

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