How to travel after covid-19

How to travel after COVID-19

In COVID-19 situation tourism and traveling industry became very hardest situation. But now most of the travelers are trying to travel whole world after COVID-19.There are some tips and importance points you should know travel after COVID-19 situation. Travel after COVID-19 will bring the following changes around the world. 

1. Choose the travel destination 

COVID-19 situation spread whole world. So most of the countries are lockdown and now they are trying to become normal. They trying to open country to travellers and foreigners.  

Choosing a travel destination you have to know about spread capacity of the COVID-19 in that country. Some countries are still not safe to travelers and they are not accept the travelers coming. But Srilank, Switzerland these countries are safer to travel. Because these counties get the best actions to avoid COVID-19. 

If you don’t have some idea about your travel destination you can get full idea using the internet and other viable sources. 

How to travel after covid-19
travel destination

2. International certificate of vaccination (ICV) 

Travelers had received a yellow card that showing that they were vaccinated against the main international diseases (yellow fever, hepatitis, etc.) in order to enter many countries. Bur this certificate not avoid now. 

Travellers will have to be more responsible and will vaccinate against diseases that can be prevented in same countries. 

3. Personal Protection (PP) 

In 2020, personal protective equipment are will become a parts of responsible traveler. Mask, Hand sanitizer, gloves and well-stocked vanity kits are include that personal protective equipment normally. But you can add more thing to this kit as wish as yours. 

Mask will protect you and others around you. And also if you can keep the face mask also at the flight that social distance is not possible. 

Wash your hands well for at least 30 seconds with soap and water every time you go the rest room. Use a paper towel when touching sink knobs, toilet handles and door handles. More over avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth after touching public surface. And also use 60%.Alcohol hand sanitizer if you are not able to wash your hand with soap and water. 

How to travel after covid-19
Wash your hands

4. Airlines, Airports and Flights Checkpoints. 

Airline personal would also join security to carry temperature and immune passport checks. Some countries before you enter the country they do the CPR test (test for identify the COVID-19) at the airports. For example Srilanka handle this process. As a possible traveler you should support that process. 

Some airlines like Alaska and Jelta have announced that they will keep middle seats empty in economy class in a move to enforce social distancing between travellers and reduces risks of spread COVID-19. 

5. Hotels, Museums and Public Places 

Most of the hotels are keep social distance between guests and reduces risks of spread COVID-19 and also measure temperature, checks handing out masks and gloves, Greater distance between tables, and even setting up screens to separate some areas from the others.  

To avid crowds museums could limit capacity, although this could be offset by extending opening hours. If you wish to visit museums or someplace like that your reservation should be made in advance. 

At the public places such as parks, auditoriums you should keep the social distance each other. Because you around people can be COVID-19 positive. Although if you with children you wants to be more careful. Because children can be sick very soon as possible.  

6. Insurances  

Some companies have temporarily stopped selling travel insurance for examples Aviva and Admiral in the UK and other companies around the world they modify the travel insurance. It’s important that you have travel insurance if you have an illness during travels. 

However, many travel insurance companies are excluding COVID-19 related claims because they are think that situation become known event and insurance are claim unknown events. But you travel COVID -19 high spread country you have to get travel insurance. 

Other important point is some countries flight ticket price, hotels fee, other beverages price is expensive because of this COVID-19 situation. If you know county economy you can get brief idea about this high expensive situation. 

Those are the most importance thing you should know how to travel after COVID-19. You have to manage your security within the travel. 

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